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Martin Holladay asks: Does Passive-solar Design Actually Save Energy? (Fine Homebuilding)

I just saw Martin's October article in Fine Homebuilding magazine, questioning the usefulness of passive solar design in today's energy efficiency homes. This is a topic that's near and dear to me so I was compelled to submit a rebuttal (letter to the editor), although it's probably too late to be considered for publication. We'll see. In the meantime, I posted a slightly revised version of my rebuttal as a comment on the website.


  • Edward WhitakerEdward Whitaker Posts: 291
    I had to smile a little bit when I read Martin's article because it reminded me of my own biases that carried over from my experiences with older passive solar homes. It's moments like this that cause me to pause for a moment and appreciate this forum and the great people who follow it. The "air vs radiant" discussion is an example of how really good people from various disciplines can discuss a topic
    in a manner that would basically never occur without forums like this one.

    Based on the education I received on designing passive solar in modern low load homes in the "air vs radiant" discussion, I would say "Why Not".