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Spring 2017 EGM Connect 3D Tradeshow begins April 6th - Discounts or Bonuses for HPC Members

Ken RieadKen Riead Posts: 14
edited March 2017 in Trade shows & conferences
The Spring 2017 EGMC3D Tradeshow showcases the theme "Going Off the Grid". Industry segment leaders, such as BUILDSMART prefab passive house wall panel manufacturer, GEM green appraisal, innovative mortgage and crowdfunding group and Air King 'one of' stove range hood leaders are showcasing their products and offering presentations and videos in the virtual auditorium and in their booths. Availability of alternative financing options for innovative, industry leading projects is another focus of this unique tradeshow.

Members of HPC get a $100 discount on any booth type they purchase or they get a $100 bonus for selling a booth to another company for this Spring 2017 show as an advocate as long as they also agree to help their client build their booth prior to the opening date of the show.

Time is short but, hey, this is the virtual, convenient marketing method of the future so please join us as we make accessing our energy efficiency, clean energy, smart technology, green-sustainable programs and more an ever more receptive market. You actually are the future, my friends.

Here is the link where you can find out about booths and sponsorships: http://egmconnect.com

Here is the email address to use if you want to create your own booth, become a sponsor or help a client build their booth: egmconnect.ken@gmail.com

Here is the link to the 3D virtual platform to register as a free attendee or learn more: http://egmconnect3d.com

The EGM Connect 3D Virtual Tradeshow platform is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so once you are registered you can log in and look around anytime you want.

I hope to see you there wandering around with me and furthering our industries! Thank you. Ken Riead

Here are a couple press releases where you can learn more about this innovative tradeshow:




  • Cosley92Cosley92 Posts: 1
    Truly an interesting post! We will be participating in upcoming trade shows for promotion of our vintage shop and have been thinking to buy trade show displays to cut on repetitive expenses of rental display panels.