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EUI! Pulling this one forward.

Nate AdamsNate Adams Posts: 569
This was a rollicking thread, I'm reposting it. I had some questions for the commenters (David Butler, Mike Rogers, Matt Golden, Melissa Baldridge):

Guys, help me understand how your proposals translate back to what premium the buyer should offer for the house. This calculus should be something YOU would be willing to use to determine what premium you would pay, not some "hypothetical world" number.

ASSET RATING - Two identical houses. One has HERS 60, the other HERS 45. How much more should I offer for the HERS 45 house? (What additional information do you need to show me your calculus?)
OK David?

ENERGY COSTS - Two identical houses. One house costs $4000 a year for energy, the next $1800. How much more should I offer for the $1800 house? (What additional information do you need to show me your calculus?)
Up for this Mike or Matt or Melissa?

EUI - Here's my argument for EUI (published on GreenTech Media.) http://bit.ly/EUIonGTM
We created a calculator for EUI here: http://bit.ly/HighBillsAndEUI

Original Post:

Efficient homes should be worth more. Without transparency, any value is nebulous. By publishing EUI in kBTU/square foot/year, this could change. This is my argument for it.

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  • EUI sounds nice but is not simple. Try the DOE Home Energy Score. 1 - 10. It is that simple. We just found it to be 97% accurate to real utility bills on the homes we tested. The study is coming soon! As far as what someone should pay, it's a great question! I suspect they should only pay what they are going to save. Of course, this does not factor in other things like health or water conversation, what is the value of a healthy home? I eeked out 2% extra on the appraised value, allowing me to borrow more on a mortgage to fund a GreenStar Bronze certified remodel on a home in Grand Rapids.This came before we did DOE scores but I scored it later on and got a 10 on it by cutting energy 45% to what it was before. Energy use came in around 26,000 kwh per year. This answers nothing though, your questions are still good ones!