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BASICS - Rules of Engagement

Posting rules are pretty much the same as in the LinkedIn Group, except now we have a variety of promotional categories in the Announcements, Ads & Jobs forum.

To our newcomers, a few words about this forum. This is a reincarnation of the RESNET BPI group on Linked that dates back to 2008. As a professional/technical forum, our posting rules are a bit stricter than many other online communities. Please review these policies and rules before participating in the discussions. I also encourage everyone to read the "BASICS" series in this Forum Admin Category.

First and foremost, flaming and trolling will not be tolerated. Healthy debate is always good but there can be no useful exchange of ideas when a discussion becomes personal. Moreover, the vast majority of forum members don't want to endure that sort of nonsense. If you disagree with someone, make your counter-argument without resorting to personal attacks. It is never appropriate to question another person's motives or qualifications, or demand a response. And it is never appropriate to air individual or business grievances in the forum.

This forum does not exist to further your social media strategy. It's OK to mention your company or service when *replying* in a discussion as long as your comment is responsive to the topic and not overtly promotional. If you want to draw attention to your on-topic product, service or organization, please start a new topic in the appropriate category.

General posting rules
* be respectful; insults ('flaming') and attacks against others (including entities) will not be tolerated
* it is never appropriate to question motives or qualifications of another member, or to demand a response
* it is never appropriate to air personal, business or legal grievances in the forum
* overtly political debates have no place in this forum; I alone decide when a comment crosses the line
* substantially similar posts will be removed
* it is never appropriate to challenge or question moderation actions in the forum (PM me if you have an issue)
* off-topic posts are permitted in the Coffee Shop (ALL above rules still apply)

Posts that link to content outside of the forum
* landing page must be on-topic, not overtly promotional, and must not require registration

Announcements and other promotional posts
* promotional posts by individuals or companies are limited to once weekly
* announcements and other promotional posts must be squarely on-topic
* opportunistic self-promotion will not be tolerated within discussions started by others

Job related posts
* job listings must refer to specific job(s) relevant to the forum topic
* 'positions wanted' posts belong in the jobs category

Thanks in advance for respecting our forum's Rules of Engagement, and enjoy the conversation!

David Butler
Your Forum Administrator


  • Excellent! Thanks David!
  • David, Can a non-member come on site and read the various posts ? What are the rules here
  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    No rules regarding reading posts. As I'm sure you noticed, the forum is 'in the clear', meaning anyone can navigate to any thread without signing in. That's intentional. But participation requires a professional interest.

    In the next few days I will be changing the metatag permissions so that Google and other search engines can index the forum.
  • Interesting, I had an inquiry about assisting a contractor interested in air>water and optimizing by using PV generation to charge storage rather than count on net metering. Thought our long running topic would be good for him to read. Thanks for quick reply !!
  • lesleyclesleyc Posts: 11
    Has there been any conversation about replicating a "like" functionality for posts and comments? I tend to use that functionality to show support or agreement.
  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    @Lesley, your request is duly noted. That feature is on my 'wish list', too! Perhaps later this year, as we have a few projects in the queue that must take precedence.
  • lesleyclesleyc Posts: 11
    Understandable, thanks!