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LinkedIn Archives - PLEASE READ

Approximately 1,600 discussions with 22,000 comments were imported from the RESNET BPI - Energy Audit and Home Performance group on LinkedIn. This represents virtually all activity since mid-2015 (except time-sensitive announcements) and about 60% of activity since mid-2012, as well as selected discussions going back to 2009. Please take advantage of the Advanced Search engine to find all the gems from our archives.

I'm in the process of moving the archive posts to their respective topic categories. This process is a bit time consuming and will probably take a couple of months. Fortunately, the URL doesn't change when I move a discussion, so browser bookmarks and shared links will remain valid! In the meantime, the bulk of the archives are located in this category (LinkedIn Group Archives).

As I work my way through the archives, I've learned that categorization isn't always straightforward. For example, discussions related to HERS ratings, inspections, etc. belong in the Energy Audit & Asset Ratings forum, whereas discussions about RESNET and the HERS standard belong in the Programs, Codes, Standards & Training forum. We'll see how this works out. The category lineup will undoubtedly evolve over time.

The archives are full of links that point to previous discussions in the LinkedIn group. Although many of those discussion are in the archives in this forum, it would take far too long to manually review 22,000 posts and update all those links! I intend to keep the RESNET BPI group open indefinitely in read-only mode so the those links will remain valid.

A quick legal note: as per LinkedIn Terms of Service, each member's contributions belong to that person. As such, I must give contributors the option of having their content removed from our archives. The Announcements in my LinkedIn group inviting members to join this forum has such a notice. At present, Google and other web crawlers are blocked from including HPF content in search results. Once I allow a reasonable time for opt-out requests (deadline April 15, 2017), our content will be made available to search engine crawlers.