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'RESNET certified contractors'

Anyone aware of a RESNET certified contractor in Connecticut capable of testing a home ventilation system in area code 06385? RESNET does not have any listings on their web site. A client has prepared to install a mini split to replace her HVAC duct system because no one seems to be qualified enough to balance it correctly in a small raised ranch style home. The local HVAC companies want to up sell rather than fix the problem.


  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    RESNET's rater search engine is far from complete, for reasons I won't bore you with. I personally don't know of any in the Waterford / New London / Norwich area, but I believe there may be some HERS Raters in Providence and Hartford. You might also look for folks with BPI professional certifications.

    In any case, testing a ventilation system is somewhat different from balancing an HVAC duct system. Most HERS Raters and some BPI pros are set up to test out ventilation systems but not nearly as many are trained and have the equipment to do duct balancing.

    If your client is more interested in duct system balancing, let me know and I'll list some additional professional certification resources for that.
  • Richard B.Richard B. Posts: 206
    Thank you David. I think duct balancing is more appropriate at this time but I don't want to refer someone with minimal training and experience.
  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    Some of the better HVAC contractors do duct balancing but it's hit-or-miss, as your client discovered. A few phone calls may turn up something. The same applies to HERS Raters and BPI pros.

    Sadly, testing and balancing is still relatively uncommon in residential practice. The trial-and-error adjustment method based on occupant observations and complaints still reigns supreme.

    If you don't turn up a residential technician, you can definitely find someone through one of the commercial test and balance certification organizations (search by state rather than zip). You can find links in my comment in this previous thread on institutional ventilation compliance testing: http://bit.ly/29WZn6C.

    Since the T&B certification organizations are commercial focused, not all the listed companies are willing to do residential work. Also, air balancing must start with an accurate load calc, otherwise there's nothing to balance the system to, so you might as well revert to trial-and-error.
  • Richard B.Richard B. Posts: 206
    I'll certainly pass this along. Thank you again David. Your the best!