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Google Home Services Test Expands to HVAC & Insulation - What We Know So Far.

Peter TroastPeter Troast Posts: 35
Recent update puts Google and two of your closest competitors at the forefront of local home service searches.
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  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    I'm not overly fond of two-step outbound links. Here's a direct link to your blog: http;//bit.ly/1XKpTQn
  • ericloveericlove Posts: 1
    Has anyone out there had success with home advisor leads or similar sites? I have found they are a waste of money for big ticket items because people literally just want the lowest bid. Customers I find through referrals, networking and my own marketing are 9 times out of 10 much better customers that understand if you want quality service you can't go with the lowest bid. Also, customers on these sites usually get mad after they get phone calls from 10 other contractors. Too me it sounds like to much of a hassle to deal with. It's great for them and the sites like home advisor.
    Peter Troast - you state it in your blog "Remind you at all of Home Advisor selling leads to multiple contractors, thus creating a bidding war and race-to-the-bottom pricing?
    This is so true about the "on demand economy". Sometimes it's hard to get people to understand that we have certifications, CE, insurance and our knowledge to diagnosis problems.
  • The goal is to engage in a dialog with Google Ads and help them understand home performance and why it's important. The idea is fantastic. Out job is not to sit around complaining about the horrible job they're doing, it is to educate them so they create a product that works for us and our customers and in return Google launches a successful program. We all win.
  • asolarproasolarpro Posts: 17
    How would we have dialog with Google Ads? No way to reach them. Probably a huge bureaucracy and offshore too. Google seems to want to be green... Would be a great ally if they understood..... Someone from HPWES, RESNET, BPI try to contact them please.