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Data Loggers

I am looking for a temperature/humidity data logger. Does anyone have suggestions where I should start? This might seem funny, but I just want to see how cold my chicken house gets. I have some other ideas how I could use it, so if there is some system that is expandable I would be interested in that as well. Thanks!


  • The Onset Computers line of Hobo loggers is a respected brand. However, if you want to check the chicken house on the cheap, just get one of those desktop thermometers with a wireless remote sensor. Most have a min / max feature that displays the lowest and highest temperature readings since the last reset. La Crosse is a popular brand, with several models under $30 on Amazon.
  • I like and use the Hobos.
  • If you want to download the data into a computer for further analysis, you might look into the Lascar temperature/humidity loggers: http://www.lascarelectronics.com/temper ... logger=402

    They are cheap, reliable and come with analysis software. I have gotten older models through eBay for about $30 but they usually go for closer to $75.

    Note that the Lascar loggers are sold under a variety of brand names (e.g., Extech). You can recognize them by their shape. As far as I know they're all the same except for the color and brand name.

  • Here's a new one for $61.60: http://tinyurl.com/76kr88s

  • Thanks everyone for your input!